10 Most Important Things to Pack in your Diaper Bag

What should you pack in your diaper bag? Being a mom of three, it has always been a challenge for me to leave the comfort of my home with all the kids in tow.  However, packing up the diaper bag with all the necessities can help ease my worries.

First on my list would be diapers.  Never leave the house without them, even if you expect to be out for only a short while.  I usually pack one for each hour I expect to be out per baby plus a couple of extras. Since I have twins, I will need to pack for two babies.  So, if we will be out for about 5 hours, I need to have 10-12 diapers.

Second most important item is the wet tissue.  Babies make a lot of mess, so I have to make sure I have abundant supply of wet tissues.  I need to have a pack one on my personal bag, another pack on the diaper bag and another pack inside the changing bag (portable changing station).

3. Don’t forget to bring a couple of change of clothes for each baby.  Make sure you also have an extra shirt for yourself packed in that diaper bag.  Aside from babies getting mess on their clothes, they can get mess on you too.  It helps to know you can always change when needed.

4. Never forget to bring everything you need to feed your baby such as baby’s milk bottles, formula, food container, spoon, water, and snacks.  Fortunately, I breastfeed my babies so there is no need for me to bring milk bottles and formulas.  I still need to pack snacks and water for them though.  My babies get less stressed out if they have something to munch on, so I always make sure to have some soft bread or biscuits with me.

5. Nursing shawls should always be in your diaper bag, unless you don’t breastfeed your babies.  I keep two shawls.  One will be placed inside the diaper bag and the other one on my personal bag.  The nursing shawl helps you breastfeed any time anywhere.

6. Always bring your changing bag or a portable changing station.  If you don’t have one, you can use a disposable under pads or hand towels.  Some places you go to don’t have diaper changing stations in their restrooms, so these can help you change your little ones’ nappies with ease.

7. Keep bibs, burp cloths, or hand towels handy.  Spills can happen frequently with babies, so it is always best to have all these ready for wiping.

8. Liquid soap and alcohol or hand sanitizer should always be in your diaper bag no matter what.  Alcohol or sanitizers keep your hands clean wherever you are.  Now that my babies are a year old, I need to bring a liquid soap with me in case they poop.  I find it easier to wash their bums with soap and water than use wet wipes because they move a lot at this age.

9.  I need to ensure their baby books are all in the bag.  I need them with me every time we go out, so in case of an emergency, we have all their records on hand.

Lastly—always keep toys with you to keep your little ones preoccupied.  I usually bring along small toy trucks, teether or rattles.

These are the 10 of the most important things I have packed in my diaper bag.  I do carry around some stuff I have not listed in here, like a baby carrier or book for myself. They are not as necessary as any of those listed here.  Remember, always pack right for an easier life!